Please read the terms and conditions carefully!
1. Terms of Use: By accessing or using any Package SVG website, program, or application (collectively the “Package SVG Platform”), you agree to these Terms and all applicable laws. If you disagree, please leave and stop using the Package SVG Platform. The content is protected by patent, copyright, and trademark laws and includes the Package SVG website, materials, services, subscriptions, and files (“Products” or “Package SVG Content”). For assistance, email [email protected].

2. Reservation of Rights: The Package SVG Platform is licensed, not purchased. By accessing or downloading it, you don’t gain ownership or other rights. Your obligation is to use it according to the granted license and these Terms. Package SVG and its licensors retain all rights, including copyrights and trademarks.

3. Access and Representations of Use: Availability may vary by location. If using the Package SVG Platform for your employer, ensure permission. You warrant responsibility and that you’re at least 18 years old or using it with parental guidance.

4. Purchases: Package SVG will accept your order or subscription, creating a contract between you and Package SVG. If unable to accept, you won’t be charged. You’ll receive an order number upon acceptance.

5. Products: Package SVG strives for accurate representation of images and colors. Product photographs on the Package SVG Platform are illustrative. There may be slight variations between your product and the examples shown. Package SVG may update digital content to match the provided description. Package SVG relies on Contributor agreements, warranties, and representations for licensing and is not liable for any violations.

5.1 Refund – Defective Product: Once your order is acknowledged by Package SVG, you can download the Product. Package SVG offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the Product is incompatible, corrupt, or missing upon download (referred to as the “Package SVG Refund Policy”). You must allow sufficient time to resolve any issues with the Product, usually within 7 days. If the issue remains unresolved, Package SVG will issue a full refund to your original payment method.

5.1.1 Test your product within the 30-day refund period to ensure that it is free of defects. After 30 days, SVG Packages will continue to work on resolving the issues and hope you can contact us.

5.2 Satisfaction Refund: If you decide not to purchase a non-discounted Package SVG product and haven’t downloaded any files, Package SVG will refund the purchase price within 30 days. Sales, discounts, and promotional offers may have specific refund policies.

5.3 Store Credit Refund: Refunds for products purchased with store credit will be made to the store credit account, not the original payment method.

5.4 Duplicate Purchases Refund: If you have purchased a product that you already licensed from Package SVG, a refund for the most recent purchase within 30 days can be issued. Exceptions may apply to bundled, event, or special offer products.

6. Product Supply: Package SVG may require specific information from you to supply the Product(s). If you fail to provide accurate or complete information within a reasonable timeframe, Package SVG may refund the purchase price with a service fee or charge an additional fee for necessary work. Package SVG may stop providing a Product temporarily for technical reasons, rule changes, or modifications as notified. You’re advised to use the Product promptly. If a Product is put on hold, you can request a refund within 30 days. For suspended Products for 31 days or more, you may contact Package SVG for one PLUS credit per suspended Product. If a Product requires regular payment or subscription and needs to be completely suspended, Package SVG will adjust the price accordingly. If a Product is suspended for more than 14 days, you can end the contract and receive a refund for the unused period. Failure to pay may result in the suspension of Product(s), with late payment interest charged in accordance with the law.
7. Product-Consumer Relations
Your rights when it comes to your purchase, any issues with the product, Package SVG’s performance, and the termination of the contract depend on various factors such as the product’s condition, whether you are a consumer or business customer, and your actions and decisions.

As a consumer, you have legal rights to break the contract, request a repair or replacement, or obtain a refund if the product you purchased is defective, misrepresented, or does not meet the required standards. Under the Consumer Rights Act of 2015, digital content, including fonts, must be accurate, suitable for its intended use, and of acceptable quality.

If the product is defective, you have the option to have it repaired or replaced. If the problem cannot be fixed within a reasonable time and with minimal difficulty, or if it cannot be remedied, you may be entitled to a refund. Additionally, if Package SVG’s failure to exercise reasonable care and skill results in damage to your equipment, you may be eligible for a repair or reimbursement.

The contract will immediately end, and Package SVG will provide a full refund for any undelivered or unavailable products. In certain circumstances where Package SVG is at fault, you may also be entitled to compensation. The following situations can lead to the termination of the contract:

Package SVG informs you of an error in the price or description of the product, and you decide not to proceed.
Circumstances beyond Package SVG’s control significantly delay the supply of the product.
Package SVG stops selling the product or notifies you of its intention to do so for technical reasons, for a period exceeding fourteen (14) days.
Package SVG breaches the contract, giving you legal grounds for termination.
If you change your mind about a product within the cooling-off period, you may be eligible for a refund, although certain deductions may apply. However, this right may not apply if you have already downloaded the digital content or if you are not a resident of the UK. The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations of 2013 provide more detailed explanations of these rights.

Please note that you cannot change your mind once you have started downloading digital products or once services have been fully performed, even if the cancellation period is still in effect.

The cooling-off period for changing your mind as a consumer depends on the nature of the product and how it was delivered. If you purchased digital content for download, such as a typeface or font bundle, you have fourteen (14) days after Package SVG confirms acceptance of your order or until you begin downloading or streaming the content, whichever occurs earlier. If Package SVG immediately delivers the digital content and you authorized this during the order placement, you will not be able to change your mind.

Even if Package SVG is not at fault and you are not a customer with a right to withdraw, you may still terminate the contract before its completion. However, Package SVG may require reasonable compensation for any net costs incurred due to your termination.

8. Package SVG Communications and Feedback
To cancel your contract with Package SVG, report a problem, ask a question, or provide feedback, please contact Package SVG Customer Services via email at [email protected]. Please include your name, home address, order information, and, if applicable, your phone number and email address.

If you are eligible for a refund as per these terms, Package SVG will reimburse you for the price you paid for the product(s), subject to these Terms. Package SVG reserves the right to reduce the refund amount. Any refunds owed to you will be processed promptly by Package SVG. If you are exercising your right to cancel the contract as a customer, Package SVG will issue the refund within fourteen (14) days of receiving formal notification.

9. Termination – Packages for Designs
Package SVG retains the right to terminate the agreement for a product(s) by providing notice if:

You fail to make payment and continue to do so after Package SVG reminds you for seven (7) days.
Package SVG believes that you have violated the terms.
Package SVG requires specific information from you for product supply, but you fail to provide it.
You refuse to allow Package SVG a reasonable amount of time to deliver the products to you.
If Package SVG terminates the contract under the circumstances mentioned above in Paragraph 9, it will refund any advance payment made for undelivered products. However, Package SVG may deduct reasonable compensation for the net costs incurred as a result of your breach. In the case of subscription services, Package SVG may inform you of the withdrawal date and the discontinuation of product(s) delivery. If Package SVG discontinues the product(s) and you have already made payments, Package SVG will notify you in advance and refund the amounts paid for the products that will no longer be offered.

10. Pricing and Payments
The price of the product, including VAT (or its equivalent in other countries), will be the price listed on the order pages at the time of your purchase, depending on your location. If the rate of VAT changes between the date of your order and the distribution of the product, Package SVG will adjust the VAT rate you pay, provided you haven’t already paid in full before the rate change. Package SVG takes precautions to ensure the accuracy of the price, and if the correct price at the time of your order is lower than the stated price, Package SVG will charge the lower amount. In case of a price discrepancy, Package SVG will contact you for instructions.

Package SVG accepts online payments via credit card, PayPal, or Store Credit. Payment processing is handled by third-party providers, ensuring the security of your financial data. Each payment transaction can only be made using a single type of payment (e.g., Store Credit, credit card, or PayPal). You must make the payment before downloading the product(s). If you are a business customer, you must pay Package SVG the full amount specified in these terms without any deductions or counterclaims, except for any legally required tax deductions or withholdings. If you fail to make timely payments, Package SVG may charge interest at a rate of 8% per year above the base lending rate of the Bank of England, accruing daily from the due date until the late sum is paid. Late payment and interest are your responsibility.

10.1 Store Credit

Customers have the option to purchase pre-paid credits called “Store Credit” from Package SVG. By purchasing Store Credit, you agree to the following conditions:

Purchases made with store credit can only be refunded to your store credit account or equivalent Plus Credits, which can be used to purchase specific products.
Store credit balances cannot be withdrawn or returned.
Store credit must be used within 180 days after the original purchase to avoid conversion into Plus Credits.
Store credit cannot be transferred to another account.
10.1.1 These terms and conditions include various sections outlining the responsibilities, liabilities, and rights of both the consumer and Package SVG, a company providing products and services. Here’s a breakdown of the key points covered in each section:

Introduction: Provides an overview of the terms and conditions.

Definitions: Defines specific terms used throughout the document.

Acceptance of Terms: States that by using the Package SVG Platform, the user agrees to abide by the terms and conditions.

Access to the Package SVG Platform: Explains the user’s responsibility to ensure they have the necessary equipment and internet connection to access the platform.

Account Registration: Describes the process of creating an account and the user’s responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of their password.

Purchasing Products: Outlines the process of purchasing products from Package SVG, including pricing, payment methods, and delivery.

Licensing and Usage Rights: Explains the usage rights granted to the user upon purchasing products, including limitations on commercial use.

Product Returns and Refunds: Provides information on the return and refund policy for products.

Product Support: Details the support services provided by Package SVG and the user’s responsibility to provide accurate information when seeking support.

Store Credit: Explains the conversion of store credit into plus credits after a specific period and provides an example for better understanding.

11. Consumer Responsibility for Package SVG: States that Package SVG is liable for losses or damages resulting from their breach of contract or failure to exercise reasonable care and skill.

12. Responsibility of Package SVG – Company: Specifies that Package SVG is not responsible for any business losses and outlines exceptions to their liability.

13. Buyer’s Responsibilities: Holds the buyer responsible for any damages or expenses resulting from their violation of the terms and conditions.

14. Warranties: States that Package SVG provides no warranties regarding the correctness, outcomes, or reliability of the resources on the platform.

15. Assumption of Risk: Acknowledges that the user should not rely solely on the Package SVG Platform and takes responsibility for safeguarding their data.

16. User Submissions: Outlines the content standards users must adhere to when contributing content to the Package SVG Platform.

17. Limitation of Liability and Actions: Limits the liability of Package SVG and its representatives and establishes a time limit for filing claims.

18. Indemnification: States that the user agrees to defend and indemnify Package SVG against any claims made by third parties.

19. Your Conduct: Outlines prohibited actions when using the Package SVG Platform, including uploading or transmitting offensive or illegal materials.

20. Corrections and Errors: Acknowledges the possibility of errors on the platform and disclaims responsibility for their accuracy.

21. Links: States that Package SVG is not responsible for the content of linked third-party websites.

22. Use of the Site Terms: Gives Package SVG the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

23. Your Information and Privacy: Describes the collection and use of personal information by Package SVG and the user’s responsibility for their content.

24. Electronic Communications: States that the user agrees to receive electronic communications from Package SVG.

25. Account Security: Emphasizes the user’s responsibility for maintaining the security of their account and reporting any unauthorized use.

26. Intellectual Property Rights: Asserts that the Package SVG Platform and its content are the sole property of Package SVG and prohibits unauthorized copying or use.

27. Trademarks: States that the use of Package SVG trademarks is prohibited without prior written authorization.

Please note that the above summary is a general overview, and it’s important to refer to the original document for precise details and legal accuracy.